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This small assembly is for automated high speed equipment we designed, machined, assembled and implemented into a bottle cap manufacturing company

Coal/Crusher/Pulverizer – Before Assembly

Coal/Crusher/Pulverizer – After Assembly

Gear Reduction Assembly – Before Assembly

Gear Reduction Assembly – After Assembly

York-Seaway can supply completed assemblies. We work closely with our customers to understand the design requirements along with the precise materials needed. We then establish our manufacturing control plan that meets or exceeds the design requirements for components and assemblies. Our process includes a quality control plan for every stage of the project to insure that all dimensional and performance requirements are met. We can also provide material and mechanical testing certifications which includes x-ray, UT, or magnetic particle as required and first article inspection to meet your requirements.

Turere Puller used in blast furnaces. Built for our customer that designs steel mill components. York Seaway built the product from scratch providing all machining, fabrication, hydraulic assembly and painting. From beginning to end it was delivered within five weeks.

Pitbull Screener

The Pitbull 2300 Portable Screener is a proprietary product produced for our sister company Lake Erie Portable Screeners. It is a great example of our full capability here at York Seaway. The Pitbull was designed, engineered, machined, fabricated, welded, painted and assembled from scratch.

York Seaway Industrial Painting service can put the finishing touch on your products.
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